When Telit decided to redesign their website, they knew they had a reliable and creative partner on their side with Hungry Dolphin GmbH. We took on consulting, project planning, conception, design and technical development of the complete project and thus created an appealing and well structured TYPO3 CMS page that is a perfect flagship for the Telit Company.

From the beginning we were entrusted with the whole process of organization and project planning, which also included the technical specifications of the web site’s features.

When it comes to design, we put the emphasis on usability and the whole look-and-feel of the company. Sure enough, we designed the page compatible for Desktop and mobile devices. For graphics and images, we chose a modern look that fits to Telit’s image as a modern, technological company. We installed the TYPO3 Base System Version 6 on our development servers, configured all needed plugins and created HTML5 / CSS3 templates. On a final note, we had the page “SEO’d” by our SEO experts and thus delivered an all-round perfect package that fits the customer’s needs in every way.